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7 Best Tech jobs of 2018

1. Security Research

Most security researchers consider themselves hackers. Not all hackers are bad, security researchers are what is known as white hat hackers. These are the cyber heroes.

2. Software Engineer

Software engineering is fun! Many of our vulnerabilities in the cyber world are due to poorly written software. Being a software engineer comes with great responsibility, so use your power wisely.

3. Digital Media Design

Digital media designers are the artists of technology. This includes: photography, videography, web design, mobile design, as well as graphic design.

4. Penetration testing

Pen testing is another form of white hat hacking, and you are usually hired by companies or organizations to hack them in order to find out what their vulnerabilities are.

5. Information Security (InfoSec)

Cyber security is all about the data. As an InfoSec professional, your job is to protect information. With information, comes power, so use your power wisely to keep our community, country, and world safe.

6. App Developer

Its crazy to think the first iPhone only came out 10 years ago. Today, smart phones have transformed our lives, thanks to many of the practical and fun apps we have. Being an app developer has its perks, such as working remotely, and is a career in high demand.

7. Algorithm developer

Artificial intelligence is all about the algorithms and data. As an algorithm developer, you will be able to program your own artificial intelligence, or machine learning algorithm.

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