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Our mission is to make our community, country, and world safe by recruiting talent to combat the skills gap.

One of the biggest challenges in the cyber security industry is that we have a severe skills gap, which is a 1.5 million skills shortage. We do not have enough people in cyber security in order to defend us, and the problem is only getting worse as the threats are becoming increasingly automated. This is a global issue, and our mission is to combat it by getting diverse groups interested in the field.


Women account for 11% of the cyber security workforce; and we are trying to combat that by getting more women interested in this field. Additionally, we are trying to get other diverse cohorts in this field, such as people with disabilities, especially autism. The unemployment rate for people with autism is sadly 90%. These people tend to have above average skills in subjects such as math and computers, and it has been proven that, for the most part, they tend to have innate talents that will allow them to thrive this field. Therefore, we would like to train these people and help give them the tools and skills necessary to thrive as cyber security professionals, and then match them with employers.


Our focus is on education, and we would like to educate the next generation of leaders about the importance of this field. Since this field is relatively new, it is not one that is usually considered nor glorified. Many people aspire to be doctors and lawyers because those tittles tend to have the most glory. But cyber security is equally as important, and the salaries are usually the same as doctors and lawyers, and some times even higher.

We will be working with high schools and universities to educate students about the field. Additionally, we have a vast network of cyber security enterprises that would be interested in hiring such talent, so we therefore aim to be match talent with employers.


In short, our goal is to galvanize a diverse community that are typically underrepresented cyber security fields, namely women and people with disabilities, in order to combat the skills gap. This project goes beyond just being a documentary. We are a platform that is targeting the talent shortage in order to keep our community, country, and world safe.

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