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Top 5 Cyber Safety Tips

Tip 1: Always patch your software

When a security update becomes available, always do it immediately! Do not delay the software update, because this is usually done for security. This simple step could have saved lives during the WannaCry virus. The Wannacry was a ransomeware from not up to date software, and it infected and shut down operations in 65 hospitals in a single day.

Tip 2: Use strong passwords

Strong passwords include having numbers, uppercase and lower case letters, as well as special characters. Do not use any word that is in the dictionary as just a password as those are the easiest to hack. There are programs that run every single word in the dictionary as possible passwords, so if your password is one of them, you will be vulnerable.

Tip 3: Do not use the same passwords across different platforms

Your Facebook password should not be the same password as your banking password. If your account were to get compromised, hackers will use that same password across all sites, social media sites, emails, and banking.

Tip 4: Use multi-factor authentication

Having an extra form of authentication can prevent much hassle if your account were to be hacked. If you have the option to add a phone number, do it! It makes hackers lives much more difficult by having this in place.

Tip 5: Click less, question more

Many people fall victims to attacks from simply pressing on infectious links or downloading an attachment from an unsolicited email. Be wary of the links you click on, and always question everything.

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